This food almost seems like a staple in the south, but it appears that statement is false.

Maybe it's because I lived in Texas for a huge chunk of my life, but cilantro seems like a staple. It could be because of the southwestern style of cooking, the Tex-Mex, or the mass influx of tacos, but I consider cilantro a must-have on many dishes. Now, thanks to the Hater app, I'm thanking my lucky stars that I'm not single.

My love for cilantro is frowned upon in Arkansas.

At least that's according to Hater's list of the most despised foods in each state. Hater is a dating app that allows you to find love with someone based on the things you hate. From that data, Hater has found that when it comes to Arkansas, people absolutely hate cilantro.

You can see the rest of the map here.

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