There is more to Granger Smith than meets the eye.

It wasn't too long ago that Granger Smith signed a deal with Broke Bow Records, which means not too many people have had the chance to really get to know him. Unless, you grew up in Texas or were weaned on Texas or Red Dirt Country.

Then you know exactly who Granger Smith is and that he has an alter ego named Earl Dibbles Jr.

Earl is a rough and tough, overall-wearing, dip-spittin', country boy. He whittles sticks and tries to pick up chicks in his beat up pick-up truck. Granger has 100 percent taken this character to the next level. Aside from his own social media accounts, Earl writes his own songs and even performs them at Granger's shows.

One of his most popular songs is "The Country Boy Song."

Maybe one day we'll see Earl perform at the CMAs.

And then there are Earl's College Football picks, which he does each week of the season. It's called the "Dip 'em & Pick 'em." They are hysterical videos, and his reasons for choosing certain teams are just as ridiculous as his outfit. Keep in mind though that Granger went to Texas A&M, so they are a bit bias.

Spend just five minutes with Earl and you'll fall in love. As much as I hate to point this out. Last time I checked, Earl had more followers on social media than Granger. Oops.

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