Mother's Day is Sunday, May 9. After the year we just went through many of you will be spending Mother's Day with your mom for the first time since the pandemic. Give her an extra hug and let her know how much she is appreciated not just on her special day but every day.

Mother's Day can be a very difficult time for those who have lost their mom. My mother, God rest her soul passed away in March 2007 and not a day goes by that I don't think of her or miss her. I miss our conversations, her smile, and her laughter. I miss having Sunday dinners after church, taking her to movies, guess that's where I get my love for movies. I miss all the special occasions, birthdays, and holidays where she always went that extra mile to make sure I was happy. She cared for me when I was sick as only a mother would do. First off, she taught me that through God anything is possible. She encouraged me, inspired me, supported me, taught me to be kind to others but best of all, loved me unconditionally.

She was always there for me in my darkest moments and through the grace of God, she was a beacon of light that help pick me up spiritually. Her inspiration taught me how to have faith and hope when life doesn't always go your way. She always reminded me to trust in God because through him anything is possible. My mother was admired and loved by many friends and family and she touched so many other lives while here on earth. . She had a giving heart and would do anything for someone in need, always putting them first before her own needs. It always makes me feels good whenever someone comes up to me and tells me that my mother and father help them when they were going through a tough time and told me they were an inspiration to them.

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One of my favorite stories my mother would always tell me was the moment I was born on Halloween, she remembers the nurses coming into the room with me all swaddled up in a blanket and they said, "Trick or Treat," and she looked back at them and said, "It better be a treat because I've had all the tricks I can stand." I guess that's where I get my sense of humor.

So in closing, I can only hope that you have a loving mom like mine. Cherish them because life is short and when they're gone it leaves a huge hole in your heart. But know, they are in a better place and that one day you will be united again forever with our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ. I was truly blessed to have a mother like mine, she may have moved on from this earthly life but her spirit still remains with me every day.

Sending you a special message through the airwaves and praying God gets it to you, "I Love You, Mama." Happy Mother's Day!

This song reminds me of things my mom would say to me.

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