Hogue Endowment - UAHT 2020
Hogue Endowment - UAHT 2020

The family of the late Richard Hogue recently established the Richard Hogue Family Endowed Scholarship at the University of Arkansas Hope-Texarkana. Susan Fackler, Richard’s sister, said education has always been important to the Hogue family. “My parents, Richard and Rosetta Hogue, always instilled in us the desire to do our best and the importance of getting a good education.”

The scholarship has been established to help students who are pursuing a degree in a health professions field of study. “In this ever-changing world, dedicated medical professionals are as essential as ever,” Fackler said. “My brother Richard struggled with many health issues beginning in his teenage years until he passed away in 2004. Since then, my father had always wanted to set up a scholarship in memory of Richard. Upon the passing of my dad last year, we decided to fulfill his dream by establishing the Richard Hogue Family Endowed Scholarship. We are grateful to be able to honor my father’s wishes and celebrate my brother in this manner.”

According to the Press Release, Anna Powell, UAHT Foundation Executive Director, said that scholarships like this help motivate so many students to accomplish their goals. “Families such as the Hogue’s who decide to give back because they have been helped along the way by caring professionals create a cycle of paying it forward that benefits others for years to come. These scholarships help ensure that we will have even more caring professionals in the future.”

For more information about scholarships at UAHT, call 870-722-8228.

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