On average, how much money is being spent this year to educate one student?

School funding and money for an education is a hot topic right now. These students are the future of our nation and often times if feels like that preparation for the next generation gets lost in the legislature paperwork shuffle. Every school's circumstance is different, but if you look at averages across the state, how do we measure up?

Recently, EdWeek.org crunched some numbers. They looked at the per-pupil spending in each state and graded them accordingly in their Grading the States report. Included in these results were classroom spending, administration, and teacher and staff salaries.

Arkansas received an F.


Arkansas spends $11,758 on average on each student, which is below the national average of $12,526. As for the rest of the Ark-La-Tex, Arkansas is in the middle. Louisiana spends $12,153, while Texas spends a dismal $8,485.

Vermont spends the most on their students with $20,795 and Utah spends the least at $7,207.

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