So you want to be a high roller in Arkansas? You better be pulling in these numbers.

How much money does one have to make in order for you to see them as "rich"? The answer is different for everyone. According to a Charles Schwab survey, Americans say an average of $2.4 million is how much you would need to have in order to be considered rich. The most recent U.S. Census Bureau would tell you that number is "almost 30 times the actual media net worth of US households." Maybe you don't have to make that much to be rich.

It wouldn't hurt though.

Recently, Business Insider took a different look at those wealthy numbers. Does being rich in New York City come with the same price tag as being rich in Detroit? Not at all. That's why they put together a list of how much money you would have to earn in order to be "considered rich in the biggest city in every state."

For Arkansas, that's Little Rock.

One would assume that if you're considered rich in the biggest city, you'll also be rich in other cities within the state's borders. I think that's a safe assumption for the most part. In Little Rock, you would have to make $93,156 a year to be "rich." The average median household income in that city is $46,578.

Obviously that's a big salary, but I thought it would easily be over six figures. Maybe being rich is actually obtainable? Naaaahhhhhh.

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