These are clearly blatant stereotypes, but we're gonna roll with it!

For some reason, I think of Mean Girls when I think of parties. Cady Heron relates the mall fountain to that of the watering hole in the wild kingdom. The same argument can be made for a weekend get-together. All types of personalities (species) gather around to wet their whistle. You've got people who are aggressive, meek, funny, beautiful, loud... this list goes on and on.

Looks like Buzzfeed is right on board with this mentality.

They recently put together a list of all 50 states and related them to the stereotypical people they would be at party on a Friday night; "If the 50 States Were People at a Party." From those who arrive over-dressed to those who leave with less clothes than they arrived with. Some states are the life of the party, while others are just happy to get an invitation.

I'm pretty sure that if Arkansas keeps up this behavior, we'll never be invited back.

Arkansas was labeled "The Emotional Drunk." I'm offended here. Who could say such cruel things? I thought we were friends? Ok... Ok. We're not fickle people, we just demand respect. We got this name because apparently people keep mispronouncing our name at this party and it's starting to get under our skin.

Looks like Texas could be a party pooper too.

Texas is considered "The Bouncer." With a slogan like "Don't mess with Texas" it's pretty easy to see why we got this title. We're not afraid to put out foot down, even when things get uncomfortable. One this is for sure, everyone can rest assured that only those who garnered an invitation will be walking through those doors.

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