This ice cream cone has so many scoops, it's actually considered an ice cream bouquet.

Who doesn't love ice cream? It's cold, creamy, and you can customize it until your heart is content. I simply can't get enough of it and you will find me enjoying this frozen dairy treat on any day of the year.

However, this looks like a major brain freeze.

I normally get myself one or two scoops (cause summer bod), but believe I could easily take down at least half a dozen. Anymore than that and I believe you are asking for a tummy ache. That side effect hasn't stopped Stuffed Ice Cream in New York City from piling on 20 scoops of ice cream onto a colorful cone.

Yep, that's every flavor on their menu.

It's an ice cream cone that is loaded with scoop after scoop. After awhile it begins to look like a bouquet or, in my opinion, the bunch of balloons from the movie UP. It seems there are only two ways to eat this monster... (1) quickly or (2) with a bunch of friends.


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