It's a big day for Barbie. Back on this day in 1959 Barbie went on sale at stores across the nation and changed little girls' lives forever. Now this date is not to be mistaken for her birthday. That is March 9, 1959 when she first appeared at the American International Toy Fair in New York City.

Who doesn't love Barbie? She can do anything. Teacher, doctor, lawyer -- you name it. In fact, that brings me to what my Barbie could do. She was, well I think, a Go Go Dancer. I had Skipper and Scooter, but those were hand me downs and not actually Barbie. I remember I got mine from some friends of my parents in the neighborhood. Their daughter was much older than me and she always had ALL the toys. I imagine they were cleaning out their closet. They saw this Barbie and figured I'd love her. And yes, oh how I loved her.

Of course I really couldn't show it that much because my older brother and sister always made fun of my "live action" Barbie because she was a dancer. You know how older brothers and sisters can be. I don't remember the record like the commercial below but it's just as well. She was still perfect to me.

The great thing, is that I actually found the commercial about my Barbie on YouTube. What Barbie did you have when you were a kid?