It's that time again. Fair time! Who doesn't love fair food? Everybody has their favorite. The food vendor that you practically run to every year.

For me it's got to be the Polish sausage sandwiches. Yes, and it's gotta have the grilled onions on it, too. Oh, but I just remembered the roasted corn on the cob. And the funnel cakes. Why does everything taste so good at the fair?

What's the strangest food you've tried at the fair? I know about 10 years ago they had fried Twinkies. Talk about a heart attack waiting to happen.  But I do remember they were so good. Then, a couple of years later fried Oreos were the rage. Yes, I tried that too and yes they were delicious.

I've heard about even a bacon booth at the Texas State Fair. I could get into that one if it comes here, but until then I'll stay with the traditional favorites at the fair. So yes, bring on the Polish Sausage Sandwich. Please!