What brings you the most joy in your life? Is it the gurgles and coos of your new baby? A big hug from your favorite child? Or the laughter of your friends and family? For some, their source of joy is rather surprising.

The author of "J Is For Joy" isn't alone in saying that St. Jude brings her joy. For many of the parents I've met whose children have been patients at St. Jude, the hospital brought them a lot of joy too. Although all of them have different stories to tell, they all have similar arcs. Parents discover that their child is sick. Doctors tell them there is no hope. As a last effort, they are referred to St. Jude. Suddenly, they find hope when the doctors explain the extraordinary measures they will use to keep their child alive.

It was amazing hearing these stories over and over again during my visit to the Memphis campus. If I'd only heard it once, I might have thought it was simply good fortune. But the fact that I heard these stories repeatedly, I quickly came to realize just how special St. Jude is and why the families who go there are grateful for a second chance at life for their beloved little son or daughter.

Won't you continue to bring joy to the lives of parents faced with the worst possible scenario? Become a Partner In Hope today and you'll enable doctors to take those expensive and wonderful 'extraordinary measures' that so often bring little children back from the brink.