You can call his brand of music Honky Tonk, outlaw country, or traditional, but around these neck of the woods it's best known as Red Dirt Country. The artist I'm talking about is Jason Boland & The Stragglers and they're going to be in Texarkana this Saturday night performing at Railfest 2016.

In a day and age where country music sounds more pop, Boland's sound is reminiscent of the country and western days of yesterday. In fact, his band still uses a pedal steel and fiddle, uncommon in today's country music.

Boland has come a long way since the early days of playing for college campuses and has broadened his appeal to much larger audiences. Taking his Red Dirt sound across the American country, Boland continues to garner a new legion of fans everywhere he performs.

In 1999, he debuted "Pearl Snaps," which eventually became his signature song and landed him on the Texas Music charts. His latest album is titled Squelch and could be his most controversial album because it touches on the direction of where country music has gone. For traditionalists, this is hardcore country to the bone as only Jason Boland can deliver.

The song "Break 19" sounds a lot like a Waylon Jennings.

Don't miss Jason Boland & The Stragglers at Railfest 2016 in downtown Texarkana at Front Street Plaza at 8:30PM. Opening up for the band will be country newcomer William Michael Morgan.

Concert Schedule and Times


Caroline Joyce 5:30PM (Local Teen)

Blue Hat 6:45PM (Cover Band from Dallas)

Marc Broussard 8:30PM (Blues)


Bri Bagwell 5:30PM (Texas Artist)

William Michael Morgan 6:45PM

Jason Boland & the Stragglers 8:30PM

Admission to Railfest is free and includes admission to concerts.