Just about everyone has seen or at heard heard of the Jason Helms Band, they have been playing around the Texarkana area for a long time. Well, Jason and his family could use a little help this holiday season.

Monday night, December 19, Jason and his family awoke to such a clatter all right, but it was certainly too early for Santa to arrive. Unfortunately, it was his neighbor knocking on his door to alert the family that their house was on fire.

Thanks goodness no one was hurt in the blaze but the home is a wreck, Christmas morning will surely not happen in this house.

Lilian Hicel of Hope, Ark., has set up a GoFundMe.com page for Jason and his family to help raise funds get them back on their feet. As Hicel explained on the page:

I can't turn my back on Jason's family who randomly, as a musician, has performed for free to HELP people on fundraisers, so I am appealing to you to help Jason and his family.

Jason has been a longtime friend of ours here at these radio stations and if we can help Kicker it into gear a bit, it's the least we can do.

Good luck Jason. Let us know if you need anything.