Jason Momoa recently shared a post on social media with a caption a lot of people are taking to mean Batfleck is back. For a long time, the future of the movie has been pretty up-in-the-air. The first Aquaman movie performed above the expectations of many, at a time when faith in the DCEU was at an all-time low. Production started on the film very shortly after the release of the first one, and it would seem that principal filming has been done since January of 2022.

So why isn't the movie out yet? In March of 2022, Warner Bros. adjusted the release schedule as a result of the ongoing impact of Covid. But on the 28th of July, Jason Momoa posted a picture of Ben Affleck and himself at Warner Bros. studios, with the caption: "REUNITED bruce and arthur. love u and miss u Ben WB studio tours just explored the backlot alright. busted on set all great things coming AQUAMAN 2 all my aloha j".

Affleck had previously said he “doesn’t want to do IP movies“ anymore, and it was widely assumed that his appearance in The Flash would mark his final time appearing as Batman in a Warner Bros. movie. Technically it still could as Aquaman and the Lost Kingdom is scheduled to open in theaters before The Flash after that film was delayed numerous times.

Plot details still remain scant, so we can't really say what kind of role he'll play in Aquaman and the Lost Kingdom’s story. We’ll find out when the movie opens in theaters on March 17th of 2023.

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