Want to make a cool sign and hopefully get on TV or the PigTron with it? Razorback Athletic Director Jeff Long has reminded fans on Twitter that all signs entering Razorback Stadium this must be approved.

Later on he posted:

See the rest of his responses on his twitter page. Quite comical.

Here's the official policy:

Any signs and banners could present issues regarding fan safety and the ability of others to watch the game (i.e. signs blocking the view of others etc.). Since the policy has been established, we have been working with students and others to allow some pre-approved signs into the venue. The approval process would include review of the size, physical makeup of the signs as well as assurances that messages displayed on the signs would not potentially create game management issues by inciting other fans or creating crowd management issues. Our primary responsibility is to ensure the safety of our fans and provide the best game experience for all fans. All of our policies and procedures are targeted at those goals.

I don't see a problem with this. They're trying to make sure there is nothing inappropriate on the signs and that they're not so big they block other fans view. Good going Mr Long!

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