With so many Americans out of jobs because of the COVID-19 pandemic, we get word that there are new job opportunities coming to Southwest Arkansas. A major manufacturing company Dansons USA has announced they will be opening a BBQ Wood Pellet Mill in Hope, Arkansas.

According to Business Insider and Dansons, the BBQ Wood Pellet Mill will take over the old Georgia Pacific facility which is approximately 335,000 square feet and sits on 143 acres with the possibility of expansion in the near future. The site will serve as a distribution center for wood pellets as well as wood pellet barbecue grills and will be responsible for creating approximately 50-100 new jobs in the next three years. Officials from Dansons USA says this will be the largest wood pellet mill in the country. The first phase of the plan is to start off with three Pelleters and a 100,000-ton capacity, with the hopes of expanding to nine Pelleters and 300,000-ton capacity.

Arkansas Governor Asa Hutchison welcomed Dansons to Arkansas by saying, "Arkansas has the wood, and Dansons need the wood to create their first-rate pellets and grills.

"With many other mills in the area, it was just a perfect fit, according to Hutchinson."

The pellets will be manufactured for Pit Boss Grills and Louisiana Grills which are one hundred percent all-natural products that are free of artificial flavors, spray scents, and binders.

About Dansons USA

Dansons was founded in 1999 by Dan Thiessen and his two sons. They own and operate multiple companies and brands within Dansons itself. Dansons offers a wide range of quality products and services.

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