Bowie County Judge Sterling Lacy was confronted by a citizen during a Commissioners Court meeting regarding his personal bankruptcy and the county's current financial situation... he looked surprised.

The citizen stands to address the commissioners court and explains her personal story of living in Bowie County, and she raises her concerns with the current financial situation facing the county under Sterling Lacy's financial direction with this statement,

Judge Lacy I understand that you yourself went bankrupt, I trust that you have not managed our money as you managed your own."

Which is a valid question considering he is the leader of a $30,000,000 a year budget.

The county has currently fallen into financial crisis under Lacy's guidance. Just this last Monday night the commissioners voted 4 to 1 to cut another $900,000 from the county budget, all while facing a rollback election that could easily cost the county another $500,000 in income.

During the commissioners response segment of the meeting Precinct 1 Commissioner Stone asked Lacy if he had filed bankruptcy, Lacy in turn asked, "is that an important issue today". Commissioner Stone responded, "You're the CFO of the county and it kind of concerns me." The video continues to show Commissioner McCoy confronting Lacy with false claims, and comments he has made on Facebook pages and other social sites...

This all coming after an editorial from the Texarkana Gazette calling Lacy's recent activity in the race for county judge questionable, in the way that he announced he was not going to run for reelection while simultaneously filing paper work to run for the office as an independent in the upcoming election. and scheming to request criminal investigations against James Carlow when Lacy was trying to get his political ally, Jeff Akin elected to the office of County Judge. Now Lacy will face Carlow for the office.

There will be a lot more to this story...stay tuned.