Well, You knew it was bound to happen sooner or later Foreman, Arkansas native Tracy Lawrence is set to have a starring role in a new movie.The movie is called L.A. Dirt and filming has already begun in Alabama. According to the writer "it's a movie about real people, struggles and redemption in small town America. The movie follows a young's man dream to become a champion dirt track racer. Tracy's role is playing the uncle of the lead character in the movie.

The movie is being called a mix of Days of thunder, Urban Cowboy and Rocky all rolled into one entertaining flick that will be rated PG. No release date has been set yet.

This marks the first acting role for Tracy Lawrence in a feature full length movie. The closest Tracy has come to the movies is when he had a song featured in the movie 'Maverick' years ago.

See the photo galleries of Tracy on the set and more information about the new movie.

Check out this  YouTube video of "Pills" from Tracy Lawrence.