A local Mexican restaurant that has been in business since 2010, Fiesta House in Nash has officially closed its doors for good.

A sign attached to the door reads "We thank everyone for their support but we are now closed for business."  No other information is available at this time. Man, I'm sure gonna miss those chorizo burritos and breakfast they served there. Something else, I enjoyed was there freshly made tortillas from their in house Tortilleria and their other Mexican pastries and items that had in their market.

I remember when they first opened up just down the same road in a small building. It was one of my favorite spots to go on the weekend. From that location, the business continued to grow and the owners decided to build a new location and expand their menu items.

I would just like to personally thank Randy and Virginia for some great memories over the years and wish them the very best in whatever the future holds. Like so many restaurants in Texarkana, they come and go but it seems nothing ever lasts forever anymore.

Unfortunately, that's the world we live in today.

The Fiesta House was located at 1310 New Boston Road in Nash.



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