Yes, you can lose 30 pounds in 30 days, but it will cost you! It will cost you $2000, a trip to LA and a lot of pain and aggravation for a whole month. A surgeon in Beverly Hills invented a plastic patch that is sewn onto your tongue. YES, I said SEWN. ONTO. YOUR. TONGUE. Yikes! It is said to be extremely painful and it makes it very difficult to talk. Also, you can't leave it on for more than a month or your tongue will start to grow over it. Oh and it hasn't been approved by the FDA. BUT, you will lose 30 pounds in a month, so there is that. ;)

So far, since it was invented four years ago, only 60 people have gone through with the procedure. It is a piece of plastic similar to what a Hula Hoop is made from, sewn on your tongue. Since it makes it difficult to talk, I guess that rules me out. Oh and the fact that it cost $2000!

Would you ever go to that extreme to lose weight?

Happy Wednesday!