Congratulations to Susan Thibodeau! Hopefully, you are Susan's friend already because our guess is she has her list of who's coming to her house to visit online with Luke Bryan in the Luke Bryan in Your Living Room Contest. 

That's right, Susan and 10 friends will get to jam with Luke and ask him anything they want. What a fun promotion.

Check out Luke Bryan's latest single "One Margarita."

The Luke Bryan in Your Living Room Contest on Kicker 102-5, was courtesy of Universal Music Group Nashville.


We know Susan and her friends are going to have a good time with Luke so, now it's your turn. This time we're looking for a winner to visit online with Dierks Bentley. It could be you, click here and find out how to get in on it and improve your chances of winning.

Good luck!

Dierks Bentley


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