You can make extra money selling your old books right here in Texarkana. All the details you need to make a little extra cash from Books a Million are listed above. It's the perfect way to de-clutter your house and put some money in your pocket. My husband would be thrilled if I did this! Mostly to de-clutter the house, but the extra cash would come in handy too.

I have two huge books shelves packed full of books at my home. At one time, I owned over 300 books, now I'm down to about half that and I'm willing to get rid of them all. No, I haven't stopped loving to read, I just read digitally now. It is easier for me in so many ways. By downloading books on my phone, I always have the latest book I'm reading with me. Plus it's a lot easier to hold my phone while laying in bed than a big bulky Harry Potter or Stephen King book!

To be honest, it's taken me a long time to let go of all these books. They have felt like an extension of my soul for years. I finally realized that I have the memories of all those books and don't need them collecting dust in my game room any longer. Here's the sneaky part that hubby doesn't know, I'm going to use the extra money to buy iTunes cards so I can download my favorites in iTunes! Ha!

What's your favorite book? Happy Friday!

Love love love,