If you're like many Americans who may not be working right now or recently lost your job due to the Coronavirus help is on the way this week. I'm sure you can't wait to get your stimulus check for a little welcome relief.

If you're wondering when you may see yours arrive, Cnet.com says that the IRS has a tool on their website called 'Get My Payment' and you can start looking for it as soon as this Friday. The tool will allow you to track when your stimulus check will be arriving. If you want your check faster, then go to their website and enter your direct deposit information. Some folks have already gotten their stimulus checks directly deposited into their bank accounts. Which of course, as most of you know, if you filed your taxes from 2018 to the present, the IRS should have all your banking information on file and you won't have to do this. Paper checks should start going out starting on May 1. Either way, help is on the way!

If you want to find out if you’re eligible for a check and when will it arrive? You just need to go here for all of your answers.