Things are heating up for the Spring season at the box office with the arrival of three new movies this weekend. Can you say, Shazam?

Shazam (PG-13)

Zachary Levi transforms back and forth from bodies by repeating the magic word "Shazam" but like most superheroes, he has to figure out how to best use his superpowers so with the help of his foster brother they both set out on a quest to figure it all out in the DC Extended Universe. Look for several Easter eggs in this movie and expect to laugh a lot in this movie that should be fun for all ages.

Pet Sematary (R)

If you like Stephen King's version in the original movie, this one is sure to give you the same type of chills but with a little change in one of the characters. Jason Clarke and John Lithgow star in this remake about a hidden cemetery that can bring things back from the dead. After seeing this movie, you will never look at your pet the same way. Oh, by the way, sources say Stephen King gave thumbs up on this horror classic remake.

The Best of Enemies (PG-13)

Based on a true story Taraji P. Henson plays a civil rights activist Ann Atwater while Sam Rockwall plays C.P. Ellis the leader of the KKK in 1971 North Carolina. After a fire destroys a school in a black community, Ellis agrees to co-chair a community meeting to peacefully integrate black and white students all while trying to secretly keep segregation alive.  It's not until the 10th meeting that he starts to see things and feel things differently. What will be the outcome be? See the movie!

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