It's going to be a scary weekend at the box office with the return of Michael Myers in "Halloween."  One of two new flicks in theaters.

Michael Myers has been locked up in a sanitarium for the past 40 years, a couple of journalists want to do a story on the deranged killer so they taunt him with his mask and he escapes then goes back on a killing spree with the intent of killing his sister.  Meanwhile, Jamie Lee Curtis, plays Laurie Strode, Myers first targeted victim, over the past years she has been training herself to kill the knife-wielding assailant in the event he returns to harm her and her family. If you liked the original "Halloween" movie then you will probably like this one. And yes,  Michael Myers is still creepy!

This movie is about a teenager played by Amanda Stenberg from "Hunger Games" who is dealing with the aftermath of a shooting in which her best friend gets killed by a white cop because he mistakes a hairbrush for a  gun in a routine traffic stop.

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My pick this weekend "Halloween." Grab the popcorn and the person next to you, if you see this one. I'll see you at the movies!


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