10 romantics competing for the heart of a mystery person with a proposal on the line... Sounds like just what the doctor ordered.

What have we come to in 2018, that we are willing to parade 10 contestants across a stage to be critiqued by a mystery suitor who could very well propose at the end of the hour-long episode? Yes, your read that correctly... propose. As in propose marriage. Now, I will admit that this doesn't sound as crazy as the show Married at First Sight does, but it's up right up there on that bizarre podium.

The Proposal is ABC's latest Bachelor/Bachelorette spinoff series that brings in someone looking for love who has their pick of 10 potential lovers. This doesn't happen over the course of a season and months of filming, but rather in one single episode that is most likely filmed in one day. Oh, and the contestants compete "pageant-style" with various rounds like Q&A, swimsuit, impressing a family member, etc. A few contestants are eliminated after each round.

It sounds crazy and I'll admit that the first episode, which aired June 18, was completely cringe-worthy.

However, I believe this is the reality love competition that America wanted. We live in the most "instant-gratification-centric" time in the history of mankind. We complain when our delivery order is 30 seconds late. We have Google to tell us any information we need with a simple search. We also have our phones correcting our spelling at the very same time that we are typing.

Why should we have to wait on love?

I can actually see why this show would be appealing to someone who is looking for love and feels like they have tried everything out there. This is a chance to not only put it all on the line for someone in an expedited fashion, like a dating drive-thru, but it's also a chance to be seen on TV by other people who could be interested. I know I'm not the only person who was looking these contestants up on Instagram on Monday.

Uncomfortable? A little. Built to last? We'd like to hope so. On trend in 2018? Absolutely.

Oh, and for what it's worth, the first couple to emerge from this love experiment are still together. In fact, Mike and Monica are still engaged.

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