Texarkana Arkansas Mayor Ruth Penney Bell is among 166 officials in 74 counties who have declared May as Historic Preservation Month and Arkansas Heritage Month, according to a press release.

“As we enjoy these month-long celebrations of our Arkansas heritage, we hope all of the people of Arkansas will take time to reflect on the importance of their local historic sites, especially those listed on the National Register of Historic Places,” Department of Arkansas Heritage Director Stacy Hurst said. (A list of Miller County’s National Register properties can be found at arkansaspreservation.com/Historic.
Mayor Bell’s proclamation reads as follows:
“WHEREAS, historic preservation is an effective tool for managing growth, revitalizing neighborhoods, fostering local pride and maintaining community character while enhancing livability; and
“WHEREAS, historic preservation is relevant for communities across the nation, both urban and rural, and for Americans of all ages, all walks of life and all ethnic backgrounds; and
 “WHEREAS, The theme for 2018 is “Off the Beaten Path: Explore and Enjoy Arkansas’s Natural Heritage” to highlight the work of the Arkansas Natural Heritage Commision (AHNC);
“NOW, THEREFORE, I, Ruth Penney Bell, Mayor of Texarkana, Arkansas, do proclaim May 2018 as National Preservation Month and call upon the people of Texarkana, Arkansas to join their fellow citizens across the United States in recognizing and participating in this special observance.”
For a list of Arkansas Heritage Month events, visit arkansasheritage.com/News-Events/Heritage_Month/heritage-month-events.
For information, call the AHPP at 501- 324-9880.

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