We've lost quite a few soldiers over the years. Let's not forget them while grilling burgers and jumping into pools.

Today we kick off the Memorial Day weekend. While this may be a weekend that we load up with road trips, barbecues, and swimming holes, it's actually a day of remembrance. Monday's true meaning is more apparent to us because we live in an area that is filled with veterans. This weekend we remember those who have paid the ultimate price for our freedom.

Coincidentally, we honor them by exercising those freedoms in excess.

I thought it would be fitting to share some military facts to keep in mind this weekend. WalletHub.com released their annual "Memorial Day by the Numbers" list with facts all about this holiday. However, it was the facts at the top of this page that stuck out to me.

For instance, we have had over 42 million men and women serve this country during war time. Over the years we have lost 1.3 million. That number just hit me like a ton of bricks. Who am I that those men and women chose to lay down their life for me? Our country thrives because of their sacrifice.

On this day, we see many photos of Arlington National Cemetery. Each Memorial Day, the graves are adorned with American flags... All 260,000 of them.

On a lighter note, we'll see over 900,000 attend Rolling Thunder this year in D.C. This is the annual Memorial Day motorcycle rally. Also, we see our military represented in our leadership. 102 members of the 115th Congress were once military members. Oh, and a bonus fact... New York was actually the first state to officially recognize Memorial Day back in 1873.

Enjoy yourselves this weekend, but take time to remember those we've lost and the families they left behind.

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