I think everyone is guilty of singing at the top of their lungs while driving, but a recent survey said people also text and watch movies? What?

The DMEautomotive recently released a survey of the top things that people do while driving. The top 5 are:

Singing out loud  (56%) Talking on the phone (50%)  Eating (50%)  Reading text messages (26%)  Sending text messages (20%)

While the thought of texting while driving is a scary one. Looks like people tend to do other pretty scary things! Working on a computer while driving? Shaving? Watching a movie? OMG!


According to PRNewswire:

"It's not surprising that singing out loud tops our list, but it's deeply disturbing to see how much multiscreen, multi-tasking is going on in cars: people texting, reading emails and the paper, and watching TV. And how a smaller, but considerable, percentage (5-7%) are treating their cars as an extension of their home/bathroom by shaving, brushing or flossing their teeth, putting on makeup or deodorant and changing their clothes while driving," said Dr. Mary Sheridan, Manager of Research and Analytics at DMEa.


So what are you guilty of doing while driving? Take our poll!

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