I just read a very interesting article on Yahoo about things you should never pay full price for again. Here are the things that caught my eye...

A recent Consumerist article quoted a current Home Depot employee who said that all of its store associates are able to offer customers a discount to keep them from walking away.  How much? It depends on their level of seniority:


*Floor Associates-allowed to discount up to $50 from any item without needing to call a manager.
*Assistant Manager-has ability to discount up to $500 without calling the store manager.
*Store Manager-can discount up to $1000 without calling the Regional Director."

I had no idea! But now I know and will be taking advantage of this when I need a new washer and dryer!


For airline discounts, instead of using price comparison sites like kayak.com, go directly to the airline sites themselves.  More and more airlines are offering coupon codes and these lower prices are not reflected until you enter the code.  Also, don’t forget to sign up with yapta.com and they’ll track airfares for you.  Even if your fare drops after you’ve booked, you may be eligible for a refund for the difference - in the form of a credit or voucher from the airline."

Great advice! I want to go on vacation in December and have been scouring kayak, I just checked out yapta and I'm gonna sign up! I LOVE to save money!



Gone are the days you have to pay hundreds for glasses and contacts.  For as low as $6.95, you can buy glasses at eyebuydirect.com."

Thankfully, I don't need glasses (anymore) and hopefully I'm still a few years away from reading glasses. This could come in handy if you have several kiddos all needed glasses though. Keep in mind that you do need to see a local Optometrist to get your prescription. We have some great ones right here in Texarkana!

"Doctor’s Bills
If you’re paying out of pocket for your next medical or dental visit, ask to speak to someone in their billing department about discounts for cash payments.  Many healthcare providers would rather offer discounts - of 10% to 50%! - than have to go through the tedious claims process. "

This one got me the most. I never even thought to ask for a cash discount. Since I'm self-employed, I don't have health insurance currently. I'm going to do this next time one of us has to go to the doctor.

Do you have any suggestions for other ways to save money? Please share!

Happy Monday!



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