I have always big a huge supporter of country artists that hail from this region. One of the new faces in country music is DeQueen Ark., native Charlie Farley.

Farley best know for being a country rap artist or as they say in this part of the country, a Hick-Hop artist has come full circle with his his new 2-single pack that was released on Friday, March 9. The singles, "Drinks and Dreams," and "Feelin' Like I Love It" come on the heels of his new 'Drinks and Dreams Tour.'  "Feelin' Like I Love It,"  and "Drinks And Dreams" are singles he co-wrote with fellow Arkansan Jason Helms.

According to his website, Farley landed his record deal by a fluke by submitting a song on the internet. He was signed by a record label because of the country rap he was doing during that time but he wasn't quiet ready for the attention and the time that he would be away from his family. So he made the decision to give up that dream and devote more time to his family. After a few years though, he found he still had the itch and decided to give it another shot and as they say in the music business, the rest is history.

Asked he was any relation to the late actor Chris Farley, he laughed and said, "No, I may be funny but I'm not as funny as he was."

Charley Farley and Jason Helms stopped by the Kicker studios today for Facebook Live. Here's the video in case you missed it of the single "Drinks and Dreams."

You can catch Charley Farley March 16, in St. Jo, Texas at Rednecks With Paychecks ORP.

March 24, in Hot Springs, Arkansas at Hot Springs Havoc ( Demolition Derby)