When it comes to professional football, who's jersey could probably sell out in Arkansas?

Can you smell it? Football season is here. College football just got underway last night (Aug. 31) and the NFL regular season is right around the corner. This is, by far, my favorite time of the year. It's also the time of year when I seem to be at my heaviest. I guess sitting at home with a platter of wings and fries watching football all day isn't conducive to a fit physique.

Anywho... Who's ready for some football?!

It's finally time to cheer on our favorite NFL team and/or player. That favorite player can vary from state to state. Thanks to Frontier Communications and Cable TV, we now know the top player in Arkansas. Before we get to that, we may want to take a look at where they got this information.

Google searches.

Yep. The two first took the top 100 players in the league and looked at those who were Googled the most in each state. In Arkansas, we have Aaron Donald, defensive end for the Los Angeles Rams. I'm perplexed. This guy was born and raised in Pittsburgh and plays for a team that is no where near the south. To be fair, he is one of the most popular defensive players out there and was a Defensive Player of the Year candidate in 2016.

Donald was also tied for the most searched-for player in five other states.

If you want to change this, I suggest searching for your favorite players on a regular basis... You know, just to check in.

See the full map below:

Courtesy of go.frontier.com / cabletv.com
Courtesy of go.frontier.com / cabletv.com

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