The Arkansas Scholarship Lottery (ASL) will ring in the New Year on Monday with the early launch of four new scratch-off tickets, plus the 5-Buck Bundle returns for January.

Each of the “HIT” tickets is loaded with top prizes from $100 to $1,000, and the 5-Buck Bundle offers players a $3 Powerball® ticket with Power Play®, a $2 Mega Millions® ticket and a free $1 Natural State Jackpot. They all must be Quick Picks.

“Lottery players really like loaded tickets, and the 5-Buck Bundle is a favorite,” said Bishop Woosley, ASL director, “With the Bundle you spend $5 and receive tickets for three different draw games valued at $6, plus a chance at winning some life-changing prizes.”

According to the Press Release, ASL research shows some players don’t buy the lottery’s draw games because they aren’t sure how to play games like Powerball, Mega Millions and Natural State Jackpot. Now people can simply visit the ASL website at, click on one of these three games, scroll down and just beneath the most recent winning numbers find a short video that explains how to play.

“The simplest thing to do when playing a draw game is to ask for a Quick Pick, which means a player is letting the computer select his numbers,” Woosley said. “However, he can also select his own numbers by filling out a playslip. Either way is easy. But if purchasing the 5-Buck Bundle, they will have to play Quick Picks.”

Woosley reminds players that the lottery is designed as entertainment and should be played responsibly.


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