After all, what good is a bar unless it has a good theme to back it up?

Don't mistake the phrase "eye-catching" for classy and pricey. Sometimes the most eye-catching things are those that are unique, quirky, or off the wall. That's exactly what Super Call was looking for when they put together their list of "The Most Eye-Catching Theme Bar in Every State."

Super Call knows a thing or two about watering holes. They are the "Spirit of Cocktails and Culture and they've noticed a sense of spirit when it comes to bars with a theme. Everyone is looking for something they can connect with.

Themes resonate with people, through nostalgia, pop culture and a variety of other emotionally enticing things that can inspire of-age drinkers to leave their homes, buy a drink and Instagram their surroundings.

For Arkansas, that's Cannibal and Craft in Fayetteville. This is easily one of the only Tiki bars in Arkansas with the theme being based off of a Caribbean island that they owners once visited. Palm fronds, pirate flags, and fish bowl drinks really get you into the Tiki mood. After a fish bowl, you may not eve notice the moose head mounted on the wall.

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