What did you dream of doing as a child? Did you wish you could fly through the air like Superman? Or swim through the water like a mermaid? Now imagine that your dreams were taken away from you, never to be returned. That's what can happen to children with brain tumors. But not every case has to have a horrible ending.

When you read the message in the picture above, you'll see that it mentions pineoblastoma, which is an extremely rare strain of brain cancer that arises in the pineal region. It accounts for about .05 - 2 percent of all brain tumors for children under 5, according to the Wade Ballew Foundation.

Can you imagine how devastating it would be to find out that your child has this rare disease? Think about how you might feel learning how aggressive this disease is, how difficult it can be to treat since it is located in the middle of the brain, and what it would mean for your child. They would have awful headaches. They might lose sensation on one side of their body. Their personalities could even change.

That is why immediate treatment is so vital. It is also why St. Jude is such a marvelous place for families whose little one is suffering from this disease. The doctors there know how to treat pineoblastoma. Their patient care is second to none. And their success rate at treating cancer is amazing.

But we need your help to keep Danny Thomas dream alive, that no child should ever have to die in the dawn of life. Become a Partner In Hope today, and you'll have the chance to give a child his dreams back. You'll help open doors to families who thought they'd lost all hope and you can show them the possibilities are endless. With the dollars you donate, St. Jude can get these kids the help they need before it is too late. And you'll feel great because you helped a sick child dare to dream again.