When you hear someone say the words 'Texas Country' the name Pat Green instantly comes to mind. Great songs and a fun time comes to mind too. Pat is coming to Scottie's Grill tomorrow night, Friday July 14.

We had the chance to talk with Pat today about what he's been up to and his new song 'Drinkin' Days'.

Pat Green is originally from San Antonio, but he also has roots in our area as well. Pat told us that his mom lived in our area as a kid when her father took a job at Dillard's.

We also talked about his album Home that came out a couple of years ago. It was his first album after he left a Nashville record label he had been with for years. This is when he went back to being an independent artist and calling his own shots. Might I add, it's worked out really well for him.

Pat Green's guitar player uses or at least at one time used a guitar amp that one of my brother-in-laws used to make.  So, I had to mention Doug since Pat had met him before.

Check out the interview and his song Drinkin' Days below.

Tickets for Pat Green are available online at Outhouse Tickets. For more information go to Pat Green's website or the Scottie's Grill website.

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