Robert Earl Keen has a new song out titled "The Road Goes On and On", and it is most definitely aimed at Toby Keith.  Lots of people believe that Toby Keith's tune "Bullets In The Gun" sounds VERY similar to Keen's Classic "The Road Goes On Forever".

As soon as Toby released that song, REK fans rose up... So Keen wrote this song in response to Toby "borrowing from lots of writers and artists".

Keen told Texas Monthly,

Well, it’s kind of difficult to talk about, you know? I felt like this individual had been picking on me for a long time, and I was sick of it. So instead of getting really ugly about things—I don’t really believe in lawsuits or threats—I took the Alexander Pope road and answered this guy in song. We’ll just have to see what happens.

In "The Road Goes On and On" he doesn't mention Keith by name, but does talk about his "golden locks", and calls him a "liars paradox" and sings that "he will have to google that".

Here are the songs... listen for yourself and let me know what you think about it.

Robert Earl Keen - "The Road Goes On Forever".

Toby Keith - "Bullets In The Gun".

Robert Earl Keen - The Road Goes On and On".

(Well... What do you think?)

(Texas Monthly)