The Southern Arkansas University Department of Theatre presents Rhinoceros, written by Eugene Ionesco and translated by Derek Prouse, Oct. 12-15 at Harton Theatre.

Directed by Tiffany Antone, Rhinoceros is about a small town besieged by stampeding rhinoceros, much to the citizens' confusion. As those very citizens begin transforming into rhinoceroses one by one, the town's social order is trampled on - until almost nothing is left. One sane man, Berenger, remains, unable to change his form and identity. In this avant-garde drama, the sublime is confused with the ridiculous in a savage commentary on the human condition, according to a press release.


Showtimes are 7PM Oct. 12-14 and 2PM Oct. 15. There will be an Actor Talk Back after the Oct. 14 presentation.

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