Congratulations to the students of Trice Elementary School for great showings at the Regional Science Fair held on the SAU campus. 

Trice Elementary School held a campus science fair for the fifth grade recently and ended up with nearly 100 entries at the campus level fair. Judges for this event were Delbert Dowdy, Denise Johnson, Catherine Howard, Bryan Bolt, and Robert Howard.

The categories for the science fair consisted of biological science, physical science, engineering science, and environmental sciences. First, second, third place finishers, as well as honorable mentions all got to register for the Southern Arkansas University  (SAU) Regional Science Fair held on the campus in Magnolia, Arkansas.

The Trice winners attended the SAU Regional Science Fair on April 1, while awaiting the judge's decisions, the students attended the Physics Show that took place on the SAU campus and got to tour the Science and Agriculture Departments.

Trice science teacher Julie Carver said the science fairs provided students at Trice an opportunity to experience authentic learning approaches in the science curriculum which allowed them to pose a question and investigate the world around them.

“These authentic learning opportunities are essential for the students in and out of the science classroom and are also needed to further the development of a global society,” Carver stated. “Authentic learning experiences allow students to gain an understanding of how to question the world around them and find the answers to those questions on their own.”

The winners are:

Biological Science
1st Biological Science - Emma Walker
2nd Biological Science - Linley Nine

Physical Science
2nd Physical Science - Chelsea Harvey

Environmental Science
1st Environmental - Addison Edwards
2nd Environmental - Kiera Gilliard
3rd Ag/Earth/Environmental - Jaslyn McRaney

1st Engineering - Jenna Lumpkin
3rd Engineering - Erin Hatfield

Again, congratulations to all the students who got to participate and especially those who achieved high rankings in every Science category.

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