The National Weather Service has upgraded the severe weather threat for our area to Moderate. You may wonder what that means?

This means that the likelihood of severe weather has increased beyond the Enhanced Risk level the weather service had us under earlier, and the dangers from the possible storms has increased as well.

According to NOAA, a Moderate Risk Area means widespread severe thunderstorms are likely in the affected areas. It means severe thunderstorms that form should be long-lived, widespread, and intense.

It also means these severe storms can likely produce strong long-lived tornadoes, widespread wind damage, and  destructive hail, which could likely be 2+ inches in diameter.

Severe Thurnderstorm and Tornado Watches are likely to be issued later today, with the best chance for severe weather from mid afternoon into early evening hours across our area and later in areas east and south of the Texarkana area.

Remember a watch simply means conditions are favorable for the formation of severe storms and tornadoes. A warning would mean that the severe storms and tornadoes have been either detected on radar or eye witnessed.

Keep a close eye on the sky later today and tune to this radio station for weather updates. In the event of a warning, take shelter immediately, preferably in the interior of a sturdy structure on the lowest level, and away from glass and windows.


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