There have been quite a few articles recently on spanking (or, corporal punishment). The local newspaper even had an op-ed discouraging the practice. If the UN had their way about it, spanking would be outlawed everywhere (UN PDF). More and more groups are fighting to end the practice across the country (which, as many organizations like to point out, is mainly only legal in the South these days. You know how backwards we are down here.) Texas is currently considering ending the practice in public schools.

I'm still of the opinion that spanking can be a good child rearing tool if used properly. They can publish (biased, in my opinion) research all day long that says kids who are spanked are more likely to want to beat people up when they get older (yeah, ok) and my opinion won't change.

Personally, I try to avoid spanking my children when I'm mad. This has gotten easier and I've grown older. I let them know what's coming, send them to their rooms and allow them to think about things for awhile (this is usually more of a punishment than the actual spanking).  Before I spank them I sit down and talk to them and explain why they're being punished (I actually ask them to tell me, THEN I give my explanation). I'm also firmly against spanking with your hands. I have an old paddle that my aunt gave me years ago that I use. She was a bus driver and back then, she could take you off the bus and paddle your behind if you weren't behaving.

I rarely have to use this punishment, but sometimes I need to get their attention and at a young age, spanking (or the threat of a spanking) works. Better than time outs or standing them in a corner or anything else I've tried over the years (and trust me, with five kids I've tried it all!). It sends the message and sends it quick where other methods take sometimes weeks.

What are your thoughts? Are you for spanking or against it and why?