I was given a project by my managing editor of what I'm thankful for. This is part of the 28 days of thanks and what I am thankful for is easy, I am thankful for family.

Family is something some people take for granted, but I don't.

Growing up my sister and I were some of the younger cousins among all our older cousins because my parents did not get married until they were a little older. Most of my cousins were in high school when my sister and I were in grade school. My grandmother unfortunately passed away when I was 17 and my grandfather died when I was six.

My family issues are very unique, considering my mother's side of the family is halfway across the planet in Japan.

wes spicher/ facebook
wes spicher/ facebook

Family is something I definitely cherish and is very near and dear to me.When I got married I was fortunate to marry into a large family. The unique thing about this family is we're all relatively the same age so the cousins and my kids are the same age, and they play so well together. It also makes it great during the holiday season to be able to get together and spend time together doing family things.

This family became very important to me in April when my father became ill and passed away. Their support, love,  caring, and my wife's support is something you can't even begin to imagine. So on this 28 days of thanks, family is definitely something I'm thankful for.

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