If you are a fan of the Netflix series "Stranger Things" then you are probably a fan of Hendrix Yancey an Arkansas native.

Yancey is from Benton, a suburb of Little Rock, and became best known for her role in the highly popular Netflix series "Stranger Things" where she played 013. Thirteen played a new test subject in the Hawkins Lab that participated in the Nina Project. You can catch her in her latest role in an upcoming NBC Universal series " The  " A Friend Of The Family," a true-crime drama, where she plays Jan Broberg. The premise of the story is that she gets kidnapped twice by a neighbor who just so happens to be a family friend. The limited series is scheduled to air in October on Peacock.

In other shows or movies, you may remember Hendrix Yancey from "Charming the Hearts of Men," on Amazon Prime and her role in "Unbelievable." Besides acting the 11-year-old Yancey enjoys singing, painting, and performing sketch comedy. Now living in Los Angeles, Hendrix has never forgotten her roots and returns to Arkansas every chance she gets to spend time with her family and friends and play a little volleyball and softball.


And for those needing to know, Hendrix Yancey didn't set out to be an actress and there is an incredible back story of how it all came to fruition in AY an Arkansas-based website.

You can also catch her in an upcoming drama series "George and Tammy" a true story based on the lives of country music legends George Jones and Tammy Wynette.

One thing's for certain, I expect this is only the beginning for this very talented actress from the great state of Arkansas. Find out more about Hendrix Yancey on her Facebook page.

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