We are a society that loves our favorites: whether it's favorite ice cream, favorite food, favorite song, favorite movie. But how about favorite kid?

According to a new British survey of more than 1,200 parents, the survey concludes that one in 12 admit to having a favorite child and that 62 percent admit to failing to give equal attention to their kids, which is a surprisingly high number.

About eight percent say they treated one of their kids differently because they were their favorite, while more than 25 percent of those who were asked to playing favorites, claimed it was an older child who they could do “more things” with, as opposed to their younger ones.

If parents actually can admit they play favorites, the question is why? Forty-two percent said there’s just a “stronger bond,” while 13 percent said their other kids do not behave as well, and that's the reasoning for having one child be the favorite.