Agent Barry Live United Bowl

Live United Bowl 2018 - Schedule
The sixth annual Agent Barry LIVE UNITED Bowl is this Saturday, December 1, at Arkansas High Razorback Stadium. Kick-off will be at 12 noon. But there's much more to do than JUST go to the game!
Allen Brown Interview
The 2017 Live United Bowl preparations are officially underway after the Press Conference yesterday, but until Allen Brown comes into the Kicker studios and plays a little "Did You Know" with Jim, Lisa and John, it's just not real to us. Allen did just that this morning and always we are happy to help support an event that showcases the best of who we are and what we do in the Ark-La-Tex
Preparations Underway
The Agent Barry Live United Bowl, a Division II College Bowl game in Texarkana will have a lot of excitement associated with it this year.
The weather on Saturday was "UGLY," but the Agent Barry Live United Bowl was anything but that.
The 4th edition of the Live United Bowl is coming to Texarkana in December and officials are gearing up for the biggest one yet.