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Top 10 Hilarious Country Music Tour Antics
Which country artist was put into a real-live cage before taking his place on stage? Whose concert was interrupted by a family of goats and a dancing bird? Which singer returned to her tour bus to find a headless eel (ewwww!) in her bed?
Jack Ingram Performs at 2014 Railfest Downtown Texarkana
The Fourth Annual Railfest took place in downtown Texarkana this past weekend (5/10). In addition to a BBQ cook-off there was plenty of activities and live music at Front Street Plaza from various local bands and the featured artist of the evening country star Jack Ingram.
Jack Ingram’s “Acoustic Motel” [Video]
I've been a fan of Jack Ingram since he rolled through town, drank a bottle of whiskey, and proceeded to ROCK the Quadrangle Festival a few years ago, back when it was still a real festival. I thought he was going to fall off the stage at one point, but still, a heck of a show. Anyway, every Monday …