Ready to Pay Off Big Time
Have you heard? The Arkansas Scholarship Lottery draw game jackpots have reached a whole new level – three quarters of a BILLION dollars is currently up for grabs.
Three grand prize winning tickets were sold in the Powerball drawing last night. Those were in Memphis, Florida, and California. There were also a couple of big winners in Arkansas as well.
It Could Happen
I don't know about you but when the Powerball jackpot gets up to around $200 million I start paying attention and usually start buying a few tickets here and there. As of today, the estimated Jackpot for Wednesday night's drawing is now $1.5 Billion... with a B! I think I can scrape up a f…
4 Things You Need To Do When You Win The Powerball
The Powerball is a BIG one tonight. Do you play the lottery? It's estimated right now at $450 million. No doubt it will be more as the day goes on.
As of now, the cash payout is $274.4 million. It's good to remember, if you win you will get less than the cash payout after .... taxes. &…
Big Money!
Winning the lottery is a dream we all have and the Arkansas Natural State Jackpot is a big one tonight.

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