Are you one of those "Fair-Weather Lottery Fans" like me? When that jackpot grows to ridiculous proportions, that's when little old me starts paying attention again. I still have a huge problem though, actually remembering to go play!

Since I don't play all the time "forgetting" seems to be my biggest issue. However, when the jackpot gets so large that I could retire most of my family right now, well, there you go.

As of this writing, the Powerball jackpot is at $435,000,000, that's a lot of zeros. The next drawing is Saturday night at 10:12PM CT, so I still have plenty of time to forget it again. Which I most likely will.

If you're curious, Mega Millions is at $90,000,000 which is nothing to fret about, next drawing for that one is Friday night at 10:12PM CT.

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Good luck!



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