Snow-mageddon 2018? - Probably Not Gonna Be That Bad
Don't panic! Yes, it appears we're going to get some ice and snow tonight, maybe 2 - 3 inches. Preparations are a good idea, but buying up every stinking loaf of bread and every gallon of milk at the grocery store is probably a bit of an overreaction.
The Only Snowman in Texarkana This Year??
The snow didn’t last long yesterday after a cold rain washed most of it away by afternoon. However the 1 ½ inches did last long enough for my 9 year old son to build a snowman.
It may be the only one standing in Texarkana today. He ...
Winter Storm Fizzles, But Schools Still Made The Right Call.
The winter storm that swept through Texarkana on Wednesday didn't turn out to be anywhere near as bad as forecasters thought it would be. While the National Weather Service stuck with their forecast (until it was painfully obvious it just WASN'T going to happen) of anywhere from 4-8 inches…
Playing in The Snow - Submit Your Picture
WOW!  What a winter we have been having this year?   We would like to see pictures of how you enjoyed the snow.  Please email pictures to so that we can add them to our picture gallery.

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