The weather has been brutal this week with record-breaking snowfall and temperatures across much of the area with more on the way. So, it's not surprising that a very rare weather phenomenon would occur aptly named "Snownado."

It happened in the East Texas town of Gun Barrell City, a witness captured what looks like a tornado high above Cedar Creek Lake. Twitter went crazy when J.D. Miles with CBS 11 posted the video calling it "Snownado."

According to the National Weather Service, a " Snownado" also known as a "Snow Devil" is likely to happen when a cold front collides with a warmer surface allowing for an unusual change in the direction of the wind which in turn clashes with air currents forcing raising air to rotate. The low-pressure air is then sucked up by the vortex and begins to spin, collecting loose snow to form the funnel-shaped vortex. It sort of mimics a dust devil in the desert sand by using the snow on the ground to form steam or fog warmed by the sun.

I'm just happy it wasn't a Sharknado!

More winter weather is headed our way Wednesday into Thursday morning.

Texarkana Weather Forecast:

Tonight: Tuesday

80% chance of snow, mainly after 9pm. Low around 19. Wind chill index as low as 14. Snow accumulation of 2-4 inches possible.


Snow and freezing rain before noon, then snow, freezing rain, and sleet. high near 27, wind shill as low as 9.

Wednesday Night:

Slight chance of snow showers and freezing rain before midnight then turning mostly cloudy low around 22.

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